Best Of Page Kennedy: Top 3 YouTube Videos

Okay so I’m a big fan of Page Kennedy and I love how incredible he is as a person, very humble and down to earth person, he’s done so much and when I spoke to him he’s so passionate about what he does, hence why he’s made so much money throughout his career and will keep making it, so here’s an article for the best of Page Kennedy his top 3 YouTube videos.

Page Kennedy

1. Couples get caught having pregnant sex(6.4M views)

2. When she finally tells you to come get some(6M views)

3. Dad catches son watching porn(4.8M views)

So here we go with Page Kennedy’s top three YouTube videos let’s do my chart for all his skits, and the revenue he made with my pay per 1K views is $24,596 in ad revenue within 8 years of skits from just 3 videos. Dollar dollar bills y’all. See I told you, he doing tings. Congrats page bro keep making them dollars!

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