Best Of Mia Gladstone: Top 3 Youtube Tracks

Mia Gladstone is a very beautiful yet incredible artists who’s made some truly incredible music that many enjoy, she deserves so much in the world and has such a great heart. If you ever wanna find a woman with such a beautiful voice that can flow to rap music and smooth tracks it’s Mia but here’s her top 3 tracks, Remember these are pulled from YouTube not including her streams for all services.

Mia Gladstone


2. Hold It Down(25K Views)

3. Baby Don’t Worry(22K Views)

Okay now time for the revenue portion the chart I use is number of views x $1.43 divided by 1,000 so in 11 months Mia Gladstone in my revenue per 1,000 views is $128.70 for how much she would make just for the amount of streams on YouTube which is really nice for people just streaming music. Keep up the good work Mia ✨ love u.

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