Best Of Ekali: Top 3 YouTube Tracks

Ekali is a good artists with amazing beats and produces tracks really well, I wanna take the time to appreciate his top 3 tracks including possible revenue because of his top track streams, so without further ado here is Ekali’s top tracks. These are only pulled from Youtube.


1. Hard To Say Goodbye (Audio) (2.6M Views)

2. Hard To Say Goodbye (Video) (2.1M Views)

3. Leaving(1.2M Views)

The best part of it all is the lovely revenue made from all of these streams and Ekali made with the chart I use is $8,437.00 in revenue if we just used my WordPress revenue, now that’s a lot of $$$ for Ekali literally that’s close to $10K for his music being streamed, Great job Ekali keep up the Good work g. This was all within 1 year by the way. ✨

Jeremy Manning


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