Best Of 88rising: Top 3 YouTube Tracks

Record label 88rising is killing the industry with the amazing Asian pop featuring amazing artists from JoJi, Higher Brother, Rich Brian and many more, I hope you all enjoy this article for all the 88rising fans including me, let’s gather their views and revenue they would make if this was their site. 👌🏽


1. Joji – Slowly Dancing In The Dark

2. Rich Brian – Glow Like Dat

3. Joji – Yeah Right

Okay here’s the amount 88rising would bring in if this was their site, here’s the total amount which is $398,970.00 within 2 years from just these 3 videos which is an insanely amount of money 💯👏 in two years, holy holy congrats 88rising crew I’m gonna pop this bottle of champagne 🍾 for y’all fr.

Jeremy Manning


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