Discover Music: G-Eazy – Marilyn

This track was something that was lovely that turned sad because it was all about love but ended up becoming more and more like a game because In this video it shows in a way of what life is like being a player, it’s a little sad because it’s hard when you commit to someoneContinue reading “Discover Music: G-Eazy – Marilyn”

Discover Music: Vado – Keep It Goin

It’s only right to do articles for my dawg Vado, I remember listening to this song back in middle school, yeah I go way back with this jam, what this jam taught me was to keep hustling no matter what because you gonna get there and that’s why I felt this song and truly gotContinue reading “Discover Music: Vado – Keep It Goin”

Discover Music: Awkward Ft Frank Ocean

This track was a funny yet cute love song from Tyler and then Frank Ocean in the background singing with his amazing voice and it makes the song so much better, I appreciate this song from Tyler The Creator because he makes this song really catchy and cuddly but adds a nice twist to theContinue reading “Discover Music: Awkward Ft Frank Ocean”

Discover Music: Infekt – Score

I’m back with another one from infekt, this track from High Score Ep will have your head bopping non stop, it’s heavy hitting bass will make your ears pop, I love the sound design of Infekt and how heavy of a wobble he’s able to bring with this track but I hope you all enjoyContinue reading “Discover Music: Infekt – Score”

Discover Music: Medasin- Always Afternoon Ft Katleen

This song was truly incredible by Medasin and Kathleen, they both were two of an incredible collab and I appreciate the soul and the sound of both parties, Medasin never disappoints me with his music and its been a pleasure to be able to enjoy this amazing track for a hot minute so I hopeContinue reading “Discover Music: Medasin- Always Afternoon Ft Katleen”

Discover Music: Brockhampton- Alaska

This track reminds me of how I be feeling about certain things in my life and how you begin to start to grow as an artist or in business in general, I love the beat and nice flow of every artist that had a verse within this track, my favorite line from this track wasContinue reading “Discover Music: Brockhampton- Alaska”