What Guys Think With: Raylanzo Juarez

Me: When you want to be with a female what is something you look for?

Raylanzo: We talkin like kickin it or be together?

Me: It can be both

Raylanzo: Honestly bro, it depends what I’m trynna do. If I’m just trynna chill and catch a vibe then someone that’s chill and has character. Someone not boring but a lot of people be lame asf. But if I’m trynna be wit a female i want a female that’s good at managing our time. Feel me? Like keeps shit going and never a dull moment. Someone that’s active and has a creative state of mind that i could learn off of a build with. I dont want a whack female that ain’t up to nun and is coo wit bein regular. Mine gotta be a boss bihhh and show people wAssup but is humble wit it..

Me: So what’s your preference, Hispanics, blacks, Caucasian Blasian 😂

Raylanzo: Eeeeee anything that nice wit it tbh. She gotta be hottt asf, yanno what i mean

Me: What was your best relationship and why

Raylanzo: I really never been in a relationship .. but i think this one female that was her lil self. She was adorable and had her lil cute personality. She was just doin her and was always makin ya boi just kick back

Me: How you like your females? Skinny or Thick Or in between

Raylanzo: Thickkk but a lil in between !!! She gotta have some booty to atleats get cuffed. 🤖

Me: Alright Last question. What’s the most craziest thing you’ve ever done with a female.

Raylanzo: Prolly just f*cked . Ion be a dog like that but I’m slowly getting out my “i give a f*ck” personality to the idgaf what i do feel..

Jeremy Manning