BREAKING NEWS: Kobe Bryant Dies At 41 In Helicopter Crash, 5 Dead.

Kobe Bryant

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One of the greatest NBA players of all time has died today, reports from ESPN confirm that Kobe Bryant has passed away due to a fire that broke out with the helicopter crash it happened around 10 am reports say and this has now become one of our most devastating times of the year and its the worst way to start off 2020, Kobe was an MVP player and has walked away with 5 Championships making him one of the most influential players in NBA history, our prayers go out to his whole family who has to go through these times we love you all. From my personal experience I never knew Kobe Personally but I’ve always been a huge fan of him and he was one of my favorite players to play in NBA Basketball Games and to see this happen today is something that puts a frown on my face. Rest In Peace Kobe, I Love you Man. YOU ARE THE G.O.A.T. YOU ARE A GREAT FATHER, HUSBAND AND NBA PLAYER YOU WILL BE MISSED.

Update On Article: Gianna or GiGi Kobes Daughter Has Died In Helicopter Crash Along With Her Father, The Were Reported To Basketball Academy when the crash happened so This Is Truly A Sad day for us.


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