TNWTL MOVEMENT Letter To Instagram

Dear Employees and CEO and former CEO of Instagram, I wanna thank you for allowing me to explore the world and see many people that I may have never got to see in real life because of how hard it is to connect with people around the world. This is a big opportunity for many of us and it’s something we should all be grateful and thankful for, I truly hope one day that I’ll be verified with that blue check on your platform for me being an self employed journalist that writes for everyone around the world like what I’ve been doing on your platform this full year, I’m truly thankful everyday for giving me the chance to express myself on here and show the world my talent because it’s hard to be able to show the world how incredible you are without someone thinking they are better than the other but I’m happy I’m using my platform(website) to showcase and bring people together in the world Instagram. I know there’s many many years we have with y’all and it’s just the beginning but thank you for all that you do for people around the world❤️ look forward to everything you do for us in the future. Sincerely Jeremy Instagram:@tnwtlsaintjeremy .

Jeremy Manning


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