Discover Music(Collaborating Article) Artists: – Indica, -Croosh, -Russ, -Nate Good, – J-Wright

Vibes and more vibes is the feel of this song, the beat and flow of Indica is something that is truly a blessing to this song and yes he is Iconic.



We Like is something you will like, this is groovy and very full of vibes because this makes you wanna get down, move your body and dance.



Baby take me serious, it’s basically what we want our mates to do is take us serious, especially the time we living in we need to be more serious with one another for sure, but Russ did an incredible job with this song, the flow of his singing/rapping and the beat truly give the song that finish touch.



🔥🔥🔥🔥 is what describes this track, get ready to become speechless in words when you hear this heat for the very first time and discover this amazing track by Nate Good.

Nate Good

This is very deep indeed, truly you wanna take a moment to listen to these words J-Wright is saying and he’s only speaking facts and truth, please take a moment to listen to his amazing track Changes.