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Avril – Complicated

This song has always been my life and I’m so proud to have listened to it all my life, I remember crying to it and I would get in my feelings because it reminded me of all the things I’ve been through in life. But it’s an amazing song to listen to over and over again.


Avril Lavigne

JoJo – Too Little Too Late

This song really made me go through life with a smile when someone really broke my heart and till this day, I still get my heartbroken but this song just reminds me that the way people live nowadays is really not a way to live and too little too late to change once the damage has been done.



Sabrina Carpenter – In My Bed

This song is really amazing and cool at the same time and Sabrina has a nice beat and tone to this song, I first heard this song in target when I use to work there(Use to) now I jam this everyday in my car because it’s such a lovely song. ❤️


Sabrina Carpenter

Infekt – Rumble

Infekt is a beast on this track and it’s truly something that will make your speakers fly out your car because of the hardcore heavy hitting bass💯



Sizzy Rocket – Tattoos

Discover this incredible track by Sizzy Rocket, It has a vibe that is chill yet aesthetic because of the way it’s put together. ❤️


Sizzy Rocket

Jeremy Manning


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