Siena Oberman

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Siena Oberman 
Picture Of Siena Oberman 

Born Siena Oberman

Los Angeles, CA

  • Film Director
  • Film Producer
  • Entrepreneur
Films Made 10+
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Interview from 2016 w/TNWTL MOVEMENT:

1. Tell me a bit about yourself?

1. I’m a futuristic female producer that studied at USC’s Marshall School of Business and School of Cinematic Arts. With this combination I focus on doing entrepreneurial film making and am specializing in solving the evolving puzzle between technology, storytelling, and distribution.

2. I noticed you are a film producer,  tell me how’s that going for you? 

2. Being a film producer is going well! I’m currently working on my first two indie features and one is in production and the other is in post. Prior to doing features I had two shorts I produced screen at Cannes Film Festival and one got distribution by Hulu. It was in that deal that I realized the potential for innovative distribution for the future of film.

3. How many films have you produced

3. I can’t really count how many films I’ve produced because many of them have been kid projects. I’m from a Los Angeles beach city and grew up around Entertainment which helped me find my passion for storytelling at a very young age. I started making films when I was 13. Probably around 25 films in high school, 12 short thesis films in college, and 2 features now?

4. What motivated you to be where you are now? 

4. My motivation comes from wanting to make a difference in the world. I started working in media by making commercials and documentaries for the Red Cross and National Geographic so my movies are primarily about a message I want to share.

5. How would you describe a perfect day? 

5. A perfect day would be waking up, having a healthy breakfast and coffee, going surfing with friends, doing producing emails and calls, visiting my incredible film team on our set, then going to a film premiere and after party with friends and family. I’ve only does these events broken up – not all in one day.

6. Have you had any big influences in your life?

6. Like many people I grew up inspired by my hard working parents that taught me to relentlessly work at my passions. As far as entertainment, my biggest inspirations are Angelina Jolie for her humanitarian and film work, Megan Ellison for her story and art driven young female producing, and Kathy Kennedy for redefining what it means to be a female in entertainment.

I see producers like Kathy Kennedy and am inspired to progress female’s place in entertainment towards equal opportunity. Look at the strong and brilliant character Rae in the new Star Wars. Creating gender equality in entertainment is one of most powerful ways to diminish sexism in society because it helps teach current and future generations about the female potential.

7. What types of Movies are you interested in?  

I’m interested in any movie that’s technologically innovate, socially progressive, and artistically beautiful. Of course there’s other movies I do for business to pay the bills. I should note I’m interested in much more than movies… TV, Youtube, Shorts, VR, AR.. it’s all the same.

8. Can you describe a typical day for you? 

I have no difference between week days and weekends. I work and enjoy everyday. I’m usually do coffee and lunch as business meetings, work on set, do emails and calls for movies, work out, go to a networking party, study media trends and spend time with friends and family.

9. Have you had any struggles throughout your life time? 

I had a broken back that I couldn’t heal for about a year and have gone through 4 different back surgeries. There were times where I couldn’t socialize, couldn’t be in school, and couldn’t go to set. I spent that time motivating and inspiring myself with incredible films, positive psychology business books, and good friends. I’ve had other struggles too but I always try to make them better by focusing on my health and what I can do.

10. What are your plans for the rest of 2016? 

I’m finishing these two movies, taking them to festivals and sales, and launching other projects in development.

11. What are your biggest accomplishments?

The ones I’m most proud of by age: producing a feature movie still in undergrad school, winning the Volunteer of the Year and National Scholarship from the Red Cross, receiving a Leadership, Service, and Academic Scholarship to LMU, and being Futurist and President at the USC and LMU Cinematic Honors Fraternity.

12.  What are your hobbies? 

I like socializing with friends, doing anything active like surfing or hiking, cooking, watching movies, tv, and new media, spending time with family, and reading.

13. Do you have any questions for me? 

Not right now but good luck with your movement!

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