Kelly Needleman

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Kelly Needleman


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Born Kelly Needleman
  • Film Director
  • Photographer
  • Film Producer
  • Entrepreneur
Latest Film
  • Lost Visibility
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Q1: Introduce Yourself To The World?
Hi, my name is Kelly Needleman. I am a Director, Producer, Writer, Photographer, and Entrepreneur.
Q2: What would you say pushed or motivated you to get into being in the film industry?
I have always been surrounded by creative minds and gravitated towards photographing landscapes. I started creating travel films which were a natural progression towards the film industry.
Q3: What struggles did you face to get to where you are in life at this moment?
I am a self-taught photographer and filmmaker. I have struggled to create time for my art while keeping up with school work as a high school student.
Q4: What is something you would like to inspire people around the world about?
I would like to inspire people to take chances and to follow their passions in life. I encourage people to try new things and experiment because you won’t know if you love something until you try it. Don’t be afraid to fail because that is just one aspect of the process of succeeding.
Q5: Is there a moment where you felt like you couldn’t accomplish something?
Since I depend on my environment during my shoots, there is sometimes doubt about accomplishing my visions because I can’t control mother nature. I have learned that there is always potential of the unknown and it is important to adapt to change.
Q6: How do you feel about our society today?
In today’s society, there seems to be a lot of division, but I prefer to focus on being positive and grateful for what I have.
Q7: What are your future plans for 2019 as you go more into your journey?
I plan on releasing my first feature film called “Lost Visibility” at the end of 2019. I also am preparing for college as I plan to major in film production and minor in business.
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