Richard Lively


Richard Lively


Photo of Richard In 2019
Born Richard Lively

Brooklyn, New York

Also Known As Ronux
  • Entrepreneur
  • Dancer
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Richard Dancing


My name is Richard Lively, Haitian-American originally born in Brooklyn, New York but resides/resided in Connecticut for 23 Years. My passion in life would mainly be to become a professional Hip-Hop Dancer. M.J. (Musical Jesus) is the one who influenced me to dance but Chris Brown actually pushed me to realize the dance talent I had with him being in my generation and all. Over the years I have practiced and have commited to perfecting the craft and I love the progress I’ve made. I see myself dabbling in the fashion field also and even into poetry/rap for I consider myself a being of the arts.  I would like to gain a platform & use it to better humanity as a whole, something like Michael Jackson. I believe that life is a simulation for how ever many years you’re in it, a test to be your best self everyday. When you die is when you wake up & when you’ll really experience “reality”. If I were to gain a platform, I would only use it for the greater good!💯