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Postmates(Post-Mates) is a logistics company founded in 2011 in San Francisco, California by Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice and Sam Street.



Postmates Black Logo

San  Francisco, California 

  • Bastian Lehmann(CEO)
  • Sean Plaice
  • Sam Street
Type Logistics Company
Industry Food & Retail
  • 3,500 Cities
  • 500K Merchants 
  • 5M Deliveries A Month
Social Media
The Website & Sign Up To Drive For Postmates


Just Postmate It! Postmates is a Logistics Company that delivers in over 3,000 cities worldwide with over 10,000+ couriers, Postmates has made it to 5M deliveries a month with just over 500K+ merchants worldwide, their mission has been to always been to transform the way people get anything they need delivered to them at anytime from anywhere.

2011 – Postmates Was Founded

2014 – Postmates Hit 1 million deliveries

2015- Postmates Hits 8 Million Deliveries

2017 – Launched it’s operations Internationally

Driving For Postmates :

Signing up to drive for Postmates is free you can drive anywhere at anytime as long as you are available to drive. You can make very good money driving for Postmates Up To $21-25/hour

What your driver app will look like. Hope You Enjoy and Make Some Money.

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Richard Lively



Richard Lively


Photo of Richard In 2019
Born Richard Lively

Brooklyn, New York

Also Known As Ronux
  • Entrepreneur
  • Dancer
Social Media Instagram
Richard Dancing


My name is Richard Lively, Haitian-American originally born in Brooklyn, New York but resides/resided in Connecticut for 23 Years. My passion in life would mainly be to become a professional Hip-Hop Dancer. M.J. (Musical Jesus) is the one who influenced me to dance but Chris Brown actually pushed me to realize the dance talent I had with him being in my generation and all. Over the years I have practiced and have commited to perfecting the craft and I love the progress I’ve made. I see myself dabbling in the fashion field also and even into poetry/rap for I consider myself a being of the arts.  I would like to gain a platform & use it to better humanity as a whole, something like Michael Jackson. I believe that life is a simulation for how ever many years you’re in it, a test to be your best self everyday. When you die is when you wake up & when you’ll really experience “reality”. If I were to gain a platform, I would only use it for the greater good!💯


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