You have my heart and soul plus many more and I love you boo with A Love Scene(With My Queen @Hannasfeetgoddes)

You have my heart and soul plus many more and I love you boo with A Love Scene(With My Queen @Hannasfeetgoddes)

Oh princess I can’t get enough of you, I’m so happy and blessed that you’re here, it’s gonna be amazing to bless your heart and bring joy to your life with just the touch of my heart, wow you’re so beautiful and I’m so grateful indeed to love your heart and give you so much more love than you need, you’re bad and beautiful and bright and smart I love you from the heart and I’m gonna bless all your little parts inside your mind and heart


Me: sits in the room with you and looks into your eyes

Hanna: brings your toes close to me and I look at them deeply, then you put them in my face and put them close to my mouth

Me: grabs your toes and rubs them softly and hold them in my hands as I slowly massage them one toe by another toe and rubbing your soles

Hanna: you laugh and giggle

Me: I open my mouth and sucks your toes one by one and licks one by one and kisses them ever more and loves them softly and keeps massaging them.

Hanna: you giggle and smile then shoves your toes more down my mouth

Me: I keep kissing them and feels your amazing toes in my mouth and then I smile and let you do whatever else you want

Hanna: plays with my pants

Me: sucks so deeply on your toes and gets really hard inside and blushes.

Hehe end of scene

This is the most loving princess in the world and her heart is something I’m falling more and more for daily and I’m gonna give her this giant world we live in so everyone else get out my way because I’m gonna bless her heart and show her true love no matter where she is in my life and bless the mess out of her and show her she’s truly a princess to me and I’m happy that I can give her the most amazing thing in the world and truthfully make her smile everyday and forever and always, you’re really adorable babe and looking at these toes right here and knowing you daily more and more makes me proud to be in your life boo I could love on you all day and never stop and make you feel so happy daily and that’s exactly what I’m gonna babe is give you all of my love because my heart now belongs to you sexy and only you honey baby you’re the only woman I wanna admire in the world and I’m your slave for you babe I only bow down and answer to you and no one else and you’re the one I’m gonna show the best and only the best my beautiful baby I hope you know your presence and text is all I need and your love if you wanna give it is all I need to keep me up babe ❀️❀️😍 forever and always your slave and foot loving king Jeremy Manning 😘😘😘😘


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