Toes and Loads Of Love ❤️

Princess you have the most loveliest feet in the world and yes I’m so glad I can sit here and write these lovely lines for you as I’m driving in the car listening to papercut by Kevin abstract looking at the beautiful night sky as I have you on my mind thinking of those soles and toes and thinking about they are just as wonderful as you are, you’re queen, a heaven sent angel that has the heart of a lioness and I swear you can make anyone fall in love with your wonderful self, you’re one of a kind and deeply appreciated and I swear you’re really beautiful love, you’re so precious in the world and mean so much you just don’t know it, you’re a beautiful diamond and a beautiful ball of light that lights the world with a single touch, honey when I look at how amazing you are and those amazing soles it makes me wanna sit and rub your lovely souls and tell you that no matter what happens in this world I’ll always admire you for the woman you are and be there by your side not just to love these sexy sweet juicy soles but to actually be there for you when you need someone to talk to and you got a lot going on and things are overwhelming, Princess I care about your soul, you’re precious and wonderful and if I was there with you rn I’d be kissing your toes and tell you that you’re the most wonderful queen in the world @wicked_little_soles I got you boo I’m gonna make sure I take you under and make you smile so much everyday no matter what. Sincerely Jeremy ♥️♥️

Jeremy Manning


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