My whole day with this cutie๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

Let’s just say the babes @solesnack made me feel so so amazing today, damn I wasn’t expecting boo to do that to me but yo she had me feeling amazing I know I had a good feeling about her when I talked to her, she’s so genuine in every way and I truly love how beautiful and precious she is to me and I’m happy to have her apart of my life and will be gladly happy when I do fulfill those wishes she wants from me because I will and I’ll give her all the beauty in this world Fr fr as long as she wants to stay in my life I’ll always do the best I can to show her she’s a queen to me and I will never leave her side because she’s very precious and yes get jealous but she’s hella amazing and really proud of the woman she is, she’s smart beautiful, gorgeous, amazing and I’m happy I get to put smiles after smiles on her gorgeous face and do some pretty lovely things with her, can I say I’m lucky that she makes me feel like the king I am that I deserve to feel like and damnit I’m gonna put that crown on her head and lift her on a high pedestal and tell the world that this queen shines so glamorous that you will fall in love with her amazing soul and feel amazing being in her presence because just her text and presence make me smile and I’m happy I can sit and write these amazing things for the queen because I want her to know she’s always a woman I will think about when I wake up and a woman I will think about when I got to sleep. you’re so amazing princess I’m happy you’re in my life, I’m gonna enjoy spoiling you and so much more everyday.

Jeremy Manning


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