My sweet baby glevy

Glevyfeet I just want you to know babe you’re beautiful and amazing no matter what and I’m happy to have you apart of my world as always, you’re a queen from above a heaven sent angel that truly has the most precious heart in the world and I’m glad that I can make your heart happy and love you the way you should queen because the world is yours and no one else has the world like you do, look at these amazing souls they are so wonderful and gorgeous Nd I’m thankful that I get to love them and kiss them and make you feel good babe because you deserve to feel good everyday babe I truly care about your mind, soul and heart and I’m willing do anything to make you smile everyday all the time because you’re such a lovely soul babe and you deserve all the best babe and I’m happy I can give the best everyday. It’s gonna be amazing loving you forever and always and showing you that you’re worth so much babe because you are to me. You mean a lot and always will Babe. I’m truly happy to know that you’re okay and happy and blessed but you deserve all of that and more you’re soul is truly one of a kind and I’m always happy to write these lovely letters to you babe and make you smile because you deserve pure happiness baby forever and truly always.


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