I was trying to get your attention for a while love but I’m glad I have because I I wanna be able to tell you that you’re amazing and you’re incredible in what you do and I admire everything you do, you’re a princess and a true blessing in the world and I love your wonderful amazing soles that you show to the world they look so lovely and beautiful and I’m happy that you exist in this world I hope to be able to make your heart happy and feel good as I write these lovely words for you because I would love to be a guy who treats you like a queen, spoils you when he got the money and so much more for you and show you that you’re truly a wonderful angel in this world and worth so much hun, you’re very gorgeous and precious I can tell from the inside and that’s why I decided to write these lovely letters for you because I want to keep your soul blessed and give you something amazing and I want to be able to show you that you can always talk to me whenever you want love and come to me whenever you are down love so I’ll always be there for you everyday and love I love these silver toes I would truly massage them and kiss them softly and hold them and make you feel good in your toes and soles honey I truly wanna make you smile as much as I can beauty so I will keep making you feel good princess thank you for the amazing toes you have princess they are so gorgeous and amazing honey I’m in love with them tbh and I’m glad you can see this princess 😘😘😘*kisses your amazing toes* @pesdakiffa


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