Follow The Lovely Queen she’s something special and I’ve been talking to her over the past days and I really love how incredible she is and I’m glad I get to express my thoughts about her to you all I mean just look at those wonderful toes, makes you wanna give her the most amazing massage in the world and make her feel good as you soothe her and relax her at the end of a long work night, this princess is a queen within a queen and it’s amazing being here in her life, yes I wanna make her feel good through these letters but I also wanna show her she’s something truly special in the world because she’s a blessing from the heavens to the earth and she’s amazing and wonderful to me, yes I hope she’s here forever because she’s truly wonderful and I’m happy to just be texted by her and see her amazing words as she makes me my heart blush and smile everyday, I’m so thankful you’re the most sweetest queen in the world and I’m never gonna leave your side because you are worth so much and always will be babygirl forever and always.


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