@totsiebun5.0 stole my heart heart and now she’s about to have it forever, I mean omg I’m so so happy to truly get to have her in my life now because I’m gonna make sure she’s treated like a wife because she deserves the entire world and only the world for the true beautiful soul she puts out to me and I wish someone would make her mad I’d beat them upside the head with my shoe and a fly swatter, but she’s so perfect tbh and her toes and soles are super beautiful to me and I’m glad I get to enjoy them and I’ll be able to make her heart melt and satisfy her toes and soles with those needs, she’s super incredible and amazing to me, she has that adorable beautiful type of happiness that makes you keep coming back over and over it’s like she gets you addicted to her beautiful ways and she sure did she made me feel like I was on the top of the way and now she’s on top of the way because she’s a one in a billion woman with a heart of steel that should never be torn apart because of the gracious and lovely soul she carries as an amazing angel 😘😘 I’m so happy she exist and honey if you see this just know I’m so happy and ready to show you the best things in life and make your heart smile forever because I wanna be here forever and treat you like a true queen of the world. It’s @totsiebun5.0 the lovest woman in the world and apart of my new world❤️❤️❤️ ps hope I can make your heart glow glow honey I want us to both to feel amazing everynight all the time ❤️🧡


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