So this is @myfeet_portfolio she’s really sweet and kindhearted you know what I’ve noticed about her she has such a positive amazing attitude you can’t take away from her and it truly shows by her amazing ways and beautiful things she says and does, I swear me and her talking are gonna be some very interesting times because I’m gonna do my best to make her smile as much as possible and show her she’s very special indeed and a very bright as she already is and I wanna admire her lovely toes and soles and rub them and massage them for her and make her feel good after a long days of a hard work and write her sweet loving letters like these that are like birds chirping in her ear making you smile so much and beautiful and making her heart melt like cheese yes that was corny but she’s truly a queen and I’m so thankful I get to be in her world and make her smile everyday as long as she will allow me too because I know she has a lot in her life so I want to respect her but I also wanna be by her side no matter what and truly show her that I’m gonna be the guy that will fill her heart with sweet things and put a smile on her face no matter how’s she feeling everyday. I’ll be there queen I’ll be there.


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