Rylan Guitar, piano, to one day maybe have a slimmer body than I do now

Describe alittle bit about yourself?(passions, goals,etc)
Guitar, piano, to one day maybe have a slimmer body than I do now
How do you feel about the things that happen on social media?(do you feel that it’s good or bad)
A lot of stuff like lgbtq+ is ok I can’t really say that I’m against it but the stuff with momo is horrendous
How do you feel about people around the world?
Most people are very nice and sometimes they can be total jerks but otherwise they’re pretty nice
How would you try to restore faith in humanity, even though people are negative and try their best to keep leading the world in a negative way?
Try to tell everyone that they shouldn’t be mad all the time and should think before they speak
if you could have anything in this world what would that be?
To be able to be fit
What type of content would you like to see on the website in the future?(No Inappropriate Content Allowed)
Maybe mention what they have their viewpoint on religion
What questions would you like me to make next for the new interviees coming to the website?
How are you affected by the state of the world around you at this time

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