Introduce Yourself To The World?
Hi my name is Bridgid, I’m a freshmen in Highschool. I’m Puerto Rican, and that’s pretty much it. I also love music and listen to a lot of variety (kpop, hip hop, r&b, etc).
How Do You Feel about people in society today?
To many people are very biased with their opinions. Yes, you can have your own opinion, but you also have to be open minded. See why this certain person views it one way. Also many aren’t educated to have a opinion, like if you don’t know about the topic full blown out, how can you even have a say?
What are your goals in life?
To be happy and positive overall my whole entire life. I want to be able to love myself , and maybe have someone to love as well. I want to have a career that I’m happy with and a happy family.
What do you feel like your purpose in the world is?
I feel like if we all have purposes, but I don’t even know what mine is yet. That’s fine as well. I hope when I grow older I’ll find a purpose. For right now my purpose in the world is to be with my family and be happy.
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