Adela Maria, Man
Introduce Yourself To The World?
Hi world, I’m a 13 year old girl who’s name is Adela. The majority of my family are from Romania (except my grandparents who are from Germany and my uncle from UK), when my brother was 4 they immigrated to the capital of Spain and 3 years later (23/02/05) I came to this world and until now we live here.
How Do You Feel about people in society today?
Society today has best and worst things at the same time. It’s true that people now are more open mind to different things than years ago but we still have to learn so much things. Anybody is perfect and sometimes people think “if you’re different, society won’t accept you”, is sad but it’s a reality, I experience that.
What are your goals in life?
People at this age has similar goals: traveling, good health, etc.. For example, one of my goals is to travel to Asia (mostly Japan or South Korea) I find the culture extremely interesting and I talked to people from those countries too (Using English and I started to talk in their language too). I’m good at learning languages, my highest subjects are English (9) and French (8) *this are the only languages we learn in high school here* . I don’t really know why it’s so easy for me but it could be the fact that my grandparents live on Germany and when I have to talk to strangers there, I speak in English (with my grandparents I speak Romanian). I love to draw too, it’s how I express myself without words and people like it too, so maybe I will work on something that’s involved on drawing, who knows..
What do you feel like your purpose in the world is?
I don’t really thought about this, but we should work together to make this world a better one. I understand that some things are difficult to change, but we have to be unit. Your gender, race, sexuality or any disability you have it’s not important at all, we are all one race, we are HUMANS. Can we make this world a better one? Not only for us, for the next generation, animals, plants and for all the living things in this world. Let’s do it.
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