Briauna Gordon
Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)?
I am from Sterling, IL I’m an 18-year-old girl who has been help raising her siblings since I was 9 years old. We don’t have a mother.
What are the bad things you see on social media?
A lot of slandering and body shamming
What are the hardships you go through?
The hardships I go through daily are my mourning for my lost loved ones. In 2016 my brother who is a year younger than me killed himself. Then my schizophrenic mother died in February 2018. My daughter then died in September 2018. My grandma died in December 2018. This all happened when I was in high school. I still graduated.
What are your goals in life?
To go to college
What would you do if you could change the world?
I would help others.
Are you happy in the position you are now in life?
Never satisfied.
What questions would you like me to make next for the new interviees coming to the website?
What do you love most about yourself?

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