Vamp girl

Vamp girl
Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)?
Ok so i used to be a bathroom singer 2 years ago but then i saw one direction and i started singing their songs , they were the only ones in my playlist cause before i wasnt really into music . After that, i listened to charlie puth and bts and so many singers . I seriously developed so much interest in music so i sang to myself all the time. Noone knew i could sing, not even my close friends and i was a shy teenager thinking about what people will say, will they judge me all this these thoughts..but then i sang in front of my whole class because it was a task or say dare but i was very happy inside so i sang perfect by one direction and everyone was really impressed , it took me a lot of courage to go to that stage but i am happy that i did . I made a youtube channel 3 weeks ago cause my friends forced me too. I made 5 covers and 38 subscribers at the time of writing . I wish you could support me in my journey..
Jeremy Manning


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