ahmad shi-heem lewis

ahmad shi-heem lewis
Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)?
My background was like most, could complain but did not. I grew up with my grand mothers, aunts, and mother; lived a playful youth as all the movies have before all technology and so on. Traveled back and forth from between Florida and Georgia most of my life until I ended in ga for school.
What do you value most from your country?
How there are countless new endeavors to join in on if one knows where to look and the vast growing technical environment that is spreading like the wildfires in the amazon
Who influences you to go after your goals?
My mother and other video creators that i place in a top tier to me
What advice can you give a teen about going through hardships?
Eat a lemon, smell an orange that is life.
Listen to music that has nothing to do with you. (at least you will not be thinking of hardships)
If you and only three wish to change your family or the world’s life what would they be?
This question is worded incorrectly but I would use one wish for my family to be extremely financially stable and i mean credit score 800 and up “i’d rather be rich than famous” ~ migos, second i would put a chill to this global warming, i prefer the cold so i need this and the planet does, and thirdly i would ask my genie to do what seems to be the impossible i would wish for equality of all from blacks *cough cough* to women (all over the world).
Was there a time u helped others out?
school “clean up clean up everybody everywhere clean up clean up…” but i also helped cater events with my FCCLA club, in my chef coat we were known as the Black Goats (unofficial official name) and a few times i did let people use a pencil of mine.
Are you happy in the position you are now in life?
yes i am in my tabula rasa phase now as i embark on this journey, and as we all know with the help of my goons phinease and ferb, “everyday’s a brand new day carpe diem”
What questions would you like me to make next for the new interviees coming to the website?
what do you do?
where can the mass population find you? (aka your @)
but uhh speaking of @‘s… well typing find me on Sc, Ig, Tiktok @shiheembdn
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