Allison Minji Park
Tell us a little about you(your background and how was it like)?
I was born in anchorage, Alaska. Everything was normal and great. The only hard thing for me was when my parents divorced.
What do you value most from your country?
The beautiful scenery.
Who influences you to go after your goals?
My influence is 김종현 (Kim jonghyun). Even though times were hard for him he still kept trying.
What advice can you give a teen about going through hardships?
Stay strong. It will be hard at first of course, but later on everything will be okay 🙂
If you and only three wish to change your family or the world’s life what would they be?
1. I wish my parents can get back together and be a happy family again.
2. I wish that my mom will be less stressed.
3. I wish that my dad wouldn’t move to Chicago.
Was there a time u helped others out?
Yes, I try to help out others all the time. The most recent time was when a homeless man came over and asked for $4 to get his mom and him on the bus to get back home, and I did.
Are you happy in the position you are now in life?
I’m not entirely happy, but I am still thankful.
What questions would you like me to make next for the new interviees coming to the website?
I’m not sure. But I enjoyed this interview! Thank you

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