Beautiful Letter For Saphirre 💕 Part 1

That day I talked you was a special day and this is day 3 of of us talking, really though I just wanna say you are one beautiful woman with a incredible heart and I truly can’t wait to meet you in person and even spend great amount of time with you. There’s things we are gonna do to really grow each other together, as for now we are just building a bond and trying to come closer to each other day by day and I know it can be tough when other people try to get in the way and it’s not gonna be easy because for one i know there’s other guys out there who will try to get to you but I won’t give up no matter what, I’m gonna do what I can to give you the best and that’s the truth. I hope you see this well you will and so will the world. I believe in everything you do and all your dreams and goals, I can already see your personality showing to me and I really sincerely appreciate it, honestly I can’t wait for the day that I actually make you feel loved not just on the outside but on the inside as well, show you that you’re one of a kind, and even though even though at this time, you may think it’s early to say these things trust me it’s not we are living in the last days of this world tbh it’s speak up and say what’s on your mind not keep it all in and wait, I’m not waiting to tell you how much you are precious or how much you will mean to a guy like me, everyday I will grow stronger and stronger with you and build this trust, loyalty, love and peace with you and I mostly want you to be happy, I told you I would make things for you so here it is, my grammar and spelling ain’t all perfect but I did the best I could, I can’t wait till we both become success together I look forward to what we are gonna do together this is something I’ve been waiting for quite a long time, I’m gonna be out doing deliveries building us a solid concrete money foundation for us both and get us to where we wanna go in life because when you’re down I’m gonna be down with you to pick you up and help you princess 💕💕 I got you and always will, you’re truly meant to be giving real genuine love and not that fakeness everyone else tries to give you. I may not be famous or rich and I don’t look for fame or rich even though eventually it will come and I will still put you on the pedestal above other women. I just want to thank you for everything these first three days of us getting to know more about one another in many ways💕💕💕. I can’t wait to make more for you to read and touch your heart this is for you Saphirre.

Sincerely Jeremy Manning

Part 2 Coming Soon! 💕💕


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