Kids Deluxe Dark Knight Batman Costume

Kids Deluxe Dark Knight Batman Costume – $39.99

So lately, you’ve been finding your little one hiding in the darkest corners of the house, crouched in shadow at night, watching your every move, growling at you in a gravelly voice when you take an extra cookie from the jar or do a lazy job of cleaning the kitchen floor. Huh. When you talk to him, does he say, “I only speak the language of justice?”Well, we won’t say that it’s a phase every kid goes through (it probably is not). But, we can advise you to pick up this Kids Deluxe Dark Knight Batman costume and let him at least fully embody the Dark Knight, the Batman, the Guardian of Gotham. This way, maybe, just maybe, he will move on to even bigger crimes, conspiracies, and misdeeds–like that kid down the street–what was his name, Jack, Jake (something with a “J” and a “K”)–who somehow keeps stealing from your vegetable garden, or that girl, Harley, who keeps sneaking into the house during the day and rearranging all the furniture just for fun.Fair warning, you may start to experience a lot of moody brooding from your new Caped Crusader, but at least he’ll be off doing what he does best, making more good in the world and delivering vigilante justice when the rule of law falls just short. It may sound like a heavy burden for a kid to bear, but this outfit, included with a muscle sculpted jumpsuit, cape, headpiece and classic looking utility belt, is pretty sweet, so it makes up for it pretty well.

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