The Love Birds Short Story ( Written By Jeremy Manning) Part One.

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Scene One

7 AM( Charlie’s Gas Station)

Maddie: Let me get $10 on pump 2

Jacob: Yes Ma’am, What’s a fine young lady like you up to this morning!

Maddie: Just was visiting family here in town but I live in Vicksburough

Jacob: so you’re not far from here I see.

Maddie: yes my mother is going through some serious health issues and she’s really not feeling to well.

Jacob: well ma’am I’m sorry to hear that I’m pretty sure your mother was a fine woman indeed.

Maddie: why thank you sir, Jacob is it.

Jacob: yes indeed, what’s your name if I may ask.

Maddie: Maddie Hanks

Jacob: well Ms. Hanks hows bout I take you out sometime. Get to know you a little more.

Maddie: -Maddie Blushes- oh my I would love to.

Jacob: here’s my number call me anytime.

Maddie: will do!

-Maddie Leaves-

Scene Two

Vella Inc.

Steve: -Gets On A Podium- So today is a very special day for us it’s our 10 year anniversary for Vella Inc. our profits have been to the roof over the last 10 years and I’m proud of everyone who has truly put forth the effort to make this company as big as it is now, I wanna thank you all for being amazing people and working hard out there, let’s keep going and let’s celebrate our 10 years.

-Crowd Cheers-

Employee: Whoo! boss I’m so happy we really have been killing it with the sales at Vella.

Steve: Yes Indeed, Hell I’m proud of all of you for the work you all have been doing.

Employee: Right, you know I’ve been noticing something for a minute.

Steve: what’s that?

Employee: I notice you and Katie have been having some bonding, I was being a little nosy and overheard some of y’all conversation when I was printing contracts.

Steve: haha you got me!, Katie is a very beautiful woman, no doubt honestly let’s keep this between us, if I could have that woman she’d be on a pedestal so high up that she would touch the Sky.

Employee: ask her on a date, it wouldn’t hurt, she is a very well classed woman, those type of women you would like.

Steve: haha damn you might just be right.

Employee: take a shot boss, she might actually be feeling the same about you.

Steve: …..

Employee: you got hella heart eyes for her don’t you!

Steve: yeah it’s hard to not look at a woman that beautiful, I mean her personality and the way she just keeps herself up makes me want to start up something.

Employee: well boss man, all I’m gonna say is.


Steve: Haha, Man that’s why I love you like a brother.

Employee: hey that’s why we are in the same office.

Steve: you right you right.

Employee: anyways, I’ll see you later bossman, oh and remember, you got this!!!!

Steve: Thanks Man.

End Of Scene.

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