Deliver For Postmates! WORTH IT OR NOT 30 DAYS Dallas, TX

This is a new app in which you can Delivery food and make money, now I myself will be giving this a try as I will take you all on a 30 days with Postmates to show you exactly how much you will make and what obstacles, how much you make per order & plus tips

Only one way to find out this is Jeremy Manning and I’m gonna take you on 30 days delivering

Things you will learn in each segment is

*how much gas you will use & price.

*how many deliveries you will get in this zone.

*how much time it takes to do each delivery

*what will you make in a few hours

*what maintenance will I need for my vehicle

I’m driving a 2007 ACURA TSX with 145,000 miles so let’s see what happens from March 28th- April 28th also while I’m making content for Postmates I will also be doing other things as content on the site as well so enjoy everyone. 💕💕💕

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