A Day At Guitar Center Featuring Devarius Gaut.

So today we are here at guitar center and devarius and me are killing time through traffic because it’s heavy and we are not trying to get stuck in that 1h plus traffic in Dallas.

Devarius setting up on the keyboard and getting showing you all a little something he’s in practice mode and will be showing you all full songs as we come by to the center and practice, it would be lovely for all of you to show support and even one day come to shows we host one day for music artist. placeholder://

He plays the piano as a self taught, he’s good too, here’s some clips of him getting down with the jam and playing a little bit of his style of music good jams and showing me how a boss does it on the piano, I got a bit a distracted with a beautiful girl that walked in.


Still here at the center making the best of the moments as we can enjoy our clips of DKG playing.

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