30 Days Of Delivering: Postmates Day 1 (March 28 2019)


Driving To My Spot Of Choice Of where I start deliveries, Glencoe Park In Dallas Texas. As of right now my car has 145,761 miles left with 161 miles of gas left so let’s go ahead and head to Glencoe Park in Dallas where I park and wait for deliveries, it’s a 25 minute drive.

Total that is in my Postmates account right now

As of 11:21 am. Let’s go!!!

11:30am I was in a hurry I forgot to put on deodorant and literally walked out the door so I’m gonna have to get a travel size deodorant for my stinky self. 😂

11:45am stuck in traffic like what in the heck is this I can’t shouldn’t everyone be at work not on the road building traffic now that makes me angry 😶

1st Stop: Kroger for the deodorant so I don’t be smelling funky. So sad that I really walked out with no deodorant on.

12:11pm still haven’t made it to Kroger.

12:13pm at Kroger starting up my delivery app and getting my deodorant.

12:22pm missed 3 deliveries but we will see how many I will get in the next few minutes.

First Delivery Burger House

9 mins away from the location I am current at which is Kroger’s.

And Post mates Cancelled it.

2nd Delivery

Order has been picked up, 9 minute drive away from the location I’m at.

I made $4.00 for that delivery. 😂 but onto the next Delivery which let’s see how this goes.

So I just went in and as soon as I got the order it they said I had to pay for it with my Postmates card, hmm wonder how that’s possible when the order is already paid for. So hopefully things get fixed with that restaurant because thats was 10 mins of my time I could have spent getting to the person I’m delivering to.

This person is also 9 mins away.

Delivered now I have to go to Walmart due to my phone being extremely low to deliver I have to get a new charger 😢 stupid Walmart chargers be cheap 😂

Lord I just got to Walmart upset already about this cheap charger

Pulled over to stop and charge my phone with the delivery app on I’ve spent so far $23.75 and only made $10 with Postmates let’s see how much we will make more.

Today was a bad day my phone was at a low percent leaving the house because this charger is not compatible so the numbers today is $10.39 so we will start again with 100% battery at 10am-3:30 tomorrow and get our results once again this is 30 days of Postmates

Day 1


Jeremy Manning


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