TNWTL MOVEMENT S1 EP 2 Lifestyles & Relationships

In this episode of TNWTL MOVEMENT Series is a really deep episode in which you truly experience, Devonte & Terron’s lifestyle as love birds as Terron explains how relationships are and his past relationships, Devonte explains some old drama in his life with people always hitting him up and wanting his attention, moreover you get to go into detail about DJ and his situation of why we feel he should open up more, be brave and speak to a woman if he truly wants to be with somebody, at the end of it all Terron cooks for us and we have a good time enjoying the day. I hope you enjoy this episode of TNWTL MOVEMENT Series.

Also there is some unfortunate news, Devonte & Terron will not being in the next episodes of TNWTL MOVEMENT Series. They have broken up and went their separate ways. While they had a good relationship, here’s some memories of what they had, they were together for 3 years, but enjoy the episode.

Rated: TV-MA

-Strong Language

-Strong Sexual References

-Mild Violence


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