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Money & Power doesn’t make you stronger, it just makes you a target. This is the Neptune city band, one of a kind bringing something new to this world and inspiring others around the world, 3 members 3 great minds, follow this journey of them as you experience the lifestyle, music, shows and behind the scenes of the come up of Neptune City Band. Every episode will get bigger and bigger as we will be showing the beginning of the bands life and then as they begin getting bigger around the world, the big come up, join Cedric, Huggs & Drew as they bring you Neosoul sound and real music that just opens your heart more and help you see that you can achieve anything in this world if you put your heart, mind, soul and let God do his work as he guides you in life to where you wanna go.

Cedric & Drew

This is more than just a lifestyle this is a family, a brotherly family where they are taking their dreams and turning them into a reality, isn’t that something we all want in our life. The feeling of being able to achieve something we’ve always wanting our entire life and when it’s hard we keep pushing and keep going, never giving up on what we want out of life.

Drew, Cedric & Huggs

Welcome to the Neptune City Band where Love , Music & God keeps them together and watch them soar towards greatness as they achieve the most greatest thing they’ve ever wanted in their life.

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