Introduce Yourself: Hello! My name is Angelica, but I go by Angie. I love the color green, the outdoors, and spending time alone. Not that you need to know, but my dad is the real world Cleveland Brown while my mom is Casper incarnate!

Thoughts On People In The World?: The thing about people in the world, is that it’s so diversified and varies. I think there are some brilliant, extraordinary minds out there.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspirations would definitely be Peter Diamandis and Nick Vujicic. My goals vary, but my main goal is to never let my love for art die, and to make something of my own marketed to the masses. Also to become a millionaire by 27.

How would you impact the world?: Hopefully by finding a breakthrough to help the environment. There’s enough plastic to create recycling bins that could be given to the masses, apt complexes; etc. As long as there’s a start to it, I want to get more people accustomed to what’s going on to the world. As well as who’s running to be in charge of it! We need more young people interested in politics.

Struggles In Life? : There was a time where my family was homeless, and another time where my dad had gotten demoted, and suddenly I was making the most income in my family. My parents got together fairly young, and married young as well. Neither of them had a college education, and with my moms disabilities (Multiple Sclerosis/Lupis), she was unfit for work. My dad was born with diabetes, my older brother with asthma, younger brother had Hirschsprung’s disease, while I got the safest ailment — a heart murmur. Needless to say, the 11 surgeries for my younger brother, the neck tumor that had to be removed from my older brothers neck, and any/all medications had been taking a toll on my parents while they received no help from relatives at the time. My parents had finally became proud homeowners when I was 4/5, and right after my 10th birthday, my dad got laid off. We went to 2 different family shelters within the same year, as we bounced from school to school. My parents tried to keep our childhood alive by making us think of it all as a big adventure, but my dad’s depression was growing fast as he felt like a disappointment. I wish I could go back a thousand times to tell him how hard I saw him trying and that he did nothing wrong. At the same time, I was being bullied in school by a teacher, to the point where the school had to call my mother about it and switch my teachers, after placing me in a therapy lunch. By the end of that year, my dad had found a job and moved us out to an apartment. Things were going pretty steady until I turned 18 and my father was demoted from his general manager position. Suddenly I was generating the most income, and I couldn’t save it for myself. I had graduated HS early with the hopes of getting a jump start on life, and suddenly I saw my older brother sacrificing his full paychecks so I only had to give a portion. Our savings never accumulated over $3,000, and they suddenly were at $0. This is almost two years ago, and I can say that we have never once regretted the decision to help our family, or any of the situations life had put us through, because it made us closer than anything, and the people we met at those shelters are still a part of our lives.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I’m starting to feel more content with my character each day! Of course there are plenty of changes I would love to make… I would first start on my social anxiety, and just put myself out there more. I’m too scared of rejection/being ostracized that I sometimes won’t say hi first, or look at people as I walk down a street.

What does love mean to you?: Love means to me, warmth and acceptance. When you accept someone’s being and love their presence, their mind, and all their mannerisms. Love is scary sometimes, but it’s worth the hurt.

Name : Angelica Torres

Instagram : unfollovving__


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