Introduce Yourself: Hi my name is Jordan other wise known as jj or jjthiq 

Thoughts On People In The World?: There are lots of types of people in the world. I think I fall under the steretype of a nice guy? I hold doors open all the time if I see some one struggling I help them if a homeless man is pan handling I give him what I can just to make the world a better place. But there are other people who just have negative impacts on life whether they’re a racist or just a piece of shit

What are your inspirations & goals?: I’ve had many goals in life. At one point I wanted to make it as a YouTuber and other times I wanted to make it as a rapper. But I like film making and graphic design and a goal I have you could say I have is making a career online or in film making

How would you impact the world?: I think charity is great and a lot of people over look it. If I ever get the money or I’m able to I would love to start a charity over something I love maybe a donation of cameras for kids who want to become film makers 

Struggles In Life? : I used to have a lot of problems with my mom being a drug addict and sleeping on a twin size mattress on the ground for almost a year but recently my life has been tr

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I am overweight lol not by a lot or anything but that’s a main change in myself I would make and I started doing something about it recently I’ve spent about 3 hours everyday playing basketball for the past week and I plan to keep that up

What does love mean to you?: I’ve dated my fair share of girls but I can’t say to much about love because I’m just 15 but I’ve come to learn being in a realation ship just depeneds on your current State in life maybe your fine and you can be with a girl or with out one or your struggling in life and need a relationship 

Name : Jordan Cornell 

Instagram : jjthiq 


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