Introduce Yourself: RYS Cubas

Thoughts On People In The World?: Everbody is different but the same in certain aspects such as, everybody is looking for someone to love trust and connect with, everybody has dreams or had a dream. Last nobody truely wants to be alone.

What are your inspirations & goals?: To make it in music and live a better way.

How would you impact the world?: By being myself and showing people if u stay true to yourself, even if people think you are wrong or may think your tryna be somebody just be you no matter what. Do t live your life in fear or a show trying to be a certain way for people.

Struggles In Life? : Where I live, Where I lived, the conditions in the way I lived, and loneliness.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : Everybody truely wants to change something about themselves but Im not sure how I feel bout myself yet. I barely kno me.

What does love mean to you?: Never had true love. Ig its just a feeln but it can effect you positively and negatively. Depending on what kind of love it is. Either True love or Fake love, you see.

Name : RYS Cubas

Instagram : RYS.CUBAS


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