“Very Touching Song” Maintain Course by JZAC

Review: So as I listen to this song, I learned more about jzac in this song and it seems like in this track he’s going through something’s it’s like life is hard but he’s keeping his focus through all the bullsh*t people or life puts him through, he’s trying to maintain his focus while lots of negative tensions are coming his way and I love the verses he’s spits in this one, he ain’t any artist he said that right, he’s worked hard for this moment and he’s doing something big and trying to get his head in the game and just learning to understand and cope with criticism and people who try to get in his way. This song touches my heart because it reminds me of what I go through with this company of mine, I deal with people who criticize and get in my way of changing the world, so jzac I’m glad after all these years of speaking with you in a long Interview I see how you truly feel and you speaking from your heart. Great Song man

Rate: 4.8/5 Stars ⭐️

Album: Off The Boat

Genre: Hip Hop

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