⭐️TOP RATED⭐️ Shaggy- It Wasn’t Me Featuring Rik Rok

Review: So this is more like a story/review I’m sure everyone knows this song, but if you haven’t it’s time you do I remember back in the early 2000’s I had a boombox radio that this song would always play on and every time it came on I would listen to the song, hence I’m a 11-12 year old listening to this song and didn’t have a clue about what it was about I just loved the way the song was groovy and something I could dance to I knew all the words to the song at such a young age, come to find out every time I listen to the song my mom would always tell me you need to stop listening to that song you are too young to know all of that information about what’s going on in the song, the funny part is every-time it would play on the radio I would still tell my granny to keep playing it and leave the radio alone. Here I am 21 years old and I finally understood the meaning when I turned into my teenage years and I truly understood why my family would tell me I was too young to listen to the song, Shaggy & Rik Rik I love you guys song and yes I was too young to listen to it but I love Rik Rok’s voice and the beat it’s amazing and I still listen to it today, it’s beautiful song that can teach everyone a lesson about what can happen when you do things you’re not supposed to do in a relationship and how things can catch up and bite you in the butt in the long run. THANK YOU BOTH FOR A BEAUTIFUL SONG. Hope you enjoy my review

Album: Hot Shot

Rate: 5/5 STARS ✨

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Genre: Reggae


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