Review: This is a classic for me I’ve been listening to this song for over 3 years, I’ve had some words with Medasin in the past and I’ve got to say this song he released was one of the most amazing tracks made by him and Joba let’s not forget about Joba who is currently a Brockhampton member, vocals are so on point and so beautiful it makes you wanna sing along, if you love something with a very smooth & R & B sound this is the song for you, many people will think it’s electronic type of song but honestly I don’t see it that way I actually see it very calming and cool especially for any special night or occasion. I’ve gotta thank to two artist Medasin & Joba for this great song and I truly hope to hear more from you both, some more collabs will definitely be amazing. Thank you guys for a great song with a dope beat and great vocal sound. It calms me down when I’m going through sh*t with people in the world I can take a moment to sit down and have this song on replay all day long and I will finally be in a state of mind of cool calm and collected. So I love it thank you both.

Rate: 5/5⭐️

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Genre: Electronic

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