Women Need To Learn To Respect Themselves Before Trying To Have Respect From Others: Reasons Our World Is The Way It Is Part One.

Today in our world we are exposed to so many negative things in our world and it’s very sickening, there’s a top I wanna bring up today which I know will offend so many women today but it needs to be address and I’m doing this for educational purposes only, but it’s sad how in this time of 2018 the women gender has been looked down in and frowned on for so long and I understand and studied over 2 years of why the images below shows just how much women are using their body for attention & money and not being independent.

It’s sad how this world has turned into nothing but a sex machine and people use the words, SEX SELLS it only sales because everyone is following what others do, someone has to take a stand and realize we are being categorized for what we do the reason for labels and people being called derogatory names, I want to stand for that and understand that you all are worth it, I’m extremely tired of women throwing their life’s away for 200,000 followers and a small amount of money, because they want to have sex with random guys and get attention whether it’s through their body or face, it upsets me that we live in a world where people follow the trend sex sells and choose to live with that thinking in their head everyday, women fight for their rights and respect but they disrespect themselves by giving up their bodies for a hit and miss opportunity that can potentially cost them their life. I want everyone to succeed and be very successful in life and someone has to stand up to both genders, I’m tired of everywhere I look and turn people are disrespecting themselves time after time again. What’s the purpose of wearing make up hiding the real you in a mask, why is it everyone you go you wanna wear tight clothes is it to show your ass to everyone you see you, why be self-centered and care about only yourself and no one else, why do you show your body for attention what’s the purpose what is the end result what are you trying to gain, last but not least if you really want to be a role model how about show Positivity and respecting yourself and who you are instead of every chance you see someone you wanna get their attention and have sex with them, then you get pregnant and can’t raise your child and you let them be ignorant children in this already messed up world, women stand up for yourself and get up and show this world you’re worth it show people your real talent nobody is gonna want someone who feeds for attention, grow up i hate seeing women waste their time on things that’s hurting them, so I hope you understand and just realize I care and for the people I’ve put pictures up of just know I’m not here to disrespect you I’m here to teach people a lesson to be real with themselves and stop wanting attention.


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