Artist: Brockhampton

Album: Iridescence


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Review: I love the bass and sound of the song it gives a great vibe to it. I’m truly loving how the flow of the song is Matt Champion really stood out to me on this song with his great flow. So I’m truly loving this song indeed I give this song a 4.5 Stars out of 5.

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iridescence [Explicit]

—perfectly fine, that’s fine

Said, nigga brother, nigga brother, what you living for?
Is you gon’ finish what you started? What you quittin’ for?
They told me God gave me a mission
But I’m missin’ the supplies to complete it
I ain’t the one you should read in, I’m used to bein’ defeated
So nigga, brother who you standin’ with?
I’m independent ’cause these parties never planned for this
Brother nigga with a brain, unintentionally swervin’ in every lane
The feeling’s never the same, you chase what you couldn’t gain
I’m so accustomed to flames, I couldn’t tell you what’s fire
Situation is dire, hear them calls from the choir
The disposition acquired from my position on Earth
Is tellin’ me, “Decapitate everything for what it’s worth!”
When I die, these words gon’ need separate caskets in a hearse
I don’t rhyme, I freeze time and let these hands just do the work
I’m in tandem with my curse, goin’ manic since my birth
See this canvas as I planned it, I’m commandin’ with my nerves, ahh


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