Maika st.suryn {Instagram Interview}

Introduce Yourself: Hi I’m maika I’m 14 years old I live in FL and I just want all Races to come together and be happy

Thoughts On People In The World?: To me there’s two types of people in this world there is the person that will be there for you no matter what listen to. And help out and then there’s the other type of person that don’t even care about anything. Sees you on the ground and just looking at you. I feel like this generation is smart and loving but at the same time we need work

What are your inspirations & goals?: my inspiration are wise people I just feel like when it comes to wise people I feel like they’ve been through it all and they see the world in a different perspective and I want to be wise I always want to be like that and one of my goals are just to make people happy I want to see a smile on your face I just want to help you out

How would you impact the world?: I would impact the World by telling a person that you’re special and give them my complete attention and tell them that you’re a wonderful person. Because then they will tell others that

Struggles In Life? : I think I struggle in life is being accepted in society and fitting in. I even have a problem fitting in at church and when I go out with like friends and family I just don’t like how Society tries to put you in a box and you have to fit in the Box because when you’re born you have a nationality you have a race religion and you have to fit in all those categories you know but yeah

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : Sometimes I feel like I’m the boss I could take over anything I’m just the best person in the whole world you know and then other times I feel like I’m hopeless I should have given up a long time ago that feeling and and that’s just how I feel about myself but as I grow up I know that I’m could just be the best person I could be but I would only change two things about myself first thing I wish I had more confidence because sometimes I don’t have confidence in my own skin and 2nd I would love to have super powers I know it’s like a little funny but I’ll just love to teleport

What does love mean to you?: To me love means When you are deeply attached to a person and you know you want to spend your life with them and you just love them and you love hanging out with them yeah I’m not really into love just because I’ve never really been in love but yeah

Name : Maika st.suryn

Instagram : Its_maika2_


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