Lauren Hatcher [Autobiography]

Introduce Yourself: My name is Lauren Hatcher, I’m 15 years old, I’m in the 10th grade. I like to sing and act.

Thoughts On People In The World?: People suck, I mean they truly do. Everybody wants something from somebody and nobody wants to give anything up. Greed and Gluttony run our world.

What are your inspirations & goals?: I want to work on a stage or with children. (preferably a kindergarten teacher.) I also want to be a mother

How would you impact the world?: If i can make a difference in one childs life and teach them to grow to be a compassionate and caring human being, i’m impacting the world.

Struggles In Life? : I can’t say i’ve got many problems I struggle in school with bullies but nothing i cant handle

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I don’t necessarily like the way I look. I think im kinda chubby and I think I’m too goofy for my own good. I would probably make my nose a little smaller and a smaller waist.

What does love mean to you?: when somebody texts you to see if you made it home safely.

Name : Lauren Hatcher

Instagram : elizabeth_hatcher3


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