Introduce Yourself: Hi! My name is Samantha but, most people call me Sam!

Thoughts On People In The World?: My thoughts on the people on this world. Well I think that some people in this world are very disgusting. Some people in this world are kinda messed up in way. I’m only saying this because of the shootings in this world and other stuff you hear on the news. The rest of the people in this seem to be pretty nice or at least neutral.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspirations are probably my mom, Animators on YouTube like TheOdd1’sOut, JaidenAnimations and others. I have other inspirations but, they’re so many so I’m not gonna get into it. My goals are become better at art, get better at singing, and get into a good college and get a good career!

How would you impact the world?: Well if I could make an impact on this world, I would start a charity thing to help out the homeless people in the world because I know very well of their struggles in this world.

Struggles In Life? : I have many struggles in my life, some of them are a little personal so I’m not gonna tell you those ones but, some struggles are my bully and her friends at school, my depression, and dealing with the toxic people in my life.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : How do I feel about myself.. Well I don’t think very highly of myself for starters. I’m not that happy with myself. I would make many changes. First off I would get rid of my acne and I would probably have a bigger chest because I have the chest of a 5 year old.

What does love mean to you?: Love is finding someone who treats you how you want to be treated, you treat them nice to and you exchange your feelings for each other. Unless we’re talking about how I love Overwatch then it’s you sharing mutal feelings for something or someone.

Name : Samantha Kuhn

Instagram : Hoi.its.sam


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