Introduce Yourself: My name’s Gabriella I’m 17 years old , raised by a single mom who worked two jobs my whole life. I’ve always been close with my grandma and great grandma. I was in three abusive sexually abusive one physically and one physically and emotionally abusive. Family from the ghetto and my favorite colors red

Thoughts On People In The World?: Depends on the age group. Old people bicker too much sometimes I feel like our youth is screwed, but sometimes our youth are the sweetest. It really depends. But some people can be way to sensitive. People are still changing and I feel like we’re in awkward stage of change.

What are your inspirations & goals?: I want to be a Navy officer and be a nurse for Marines. Afterwards I hope to get married and be a foster mom and give kids who weren’t given a chance a good chance to feel loved until they find a forever home maybe even make my home a forever home.

How would you impact the world?: I hope to inspire young girls. Girls who are typically seen as weak, girls who are bullied or put down not supported show they can do anything and be there to give them that supoort also teach them to toughen up have thick skin to beat males in their jobs and help teach young males about respect towards females.

Struggles In Life? : My Biological father abused my mom and tried to Kidnapp me and ran my mom off the road when I was a younging. I’ve delt with three abusive relationships. Being put on suicide watch from 6th-10th grade. And on course everyone’s been bullied before .

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : Of course. Become physically and mentally stronger. Increase my knowledge and lose weight

What does love mean to you?: Depends. Love as when you’re in love or when you Love? I’ll explain both. When you’re in love I feel like no matter how much that person pisses you off at the end of the day you forgive them and move on when you’re in love you will never intentionally hurt them (such as cheating) you want the best for them and would do anything just to make them smile. Now when you love someone it’s when you’d do anything to help them out and you care and hope the best for them and you get excited when all is well with them

Name : Gabriella

Instagram : Gabbi.lindy_


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