Introduce Yourself: Helloo, my name is Brandon, i’m 19 years old and currently live in Vancouver. i was born in canada but both my parents are from Iran so that would make me Persian. I’ve lived in Canada my whole life except for a brief period of two years where i lived in Dubai. I am bilingual in both English and Farsi. My greatest achievement in life is probably making it to Team BC when i was 13 in judo and getting as far as national competitions. I’ve frequently traveled the world for my tournaments going as far as Asia and various parts of USA and Canada.

Thoughts On People In The World?: Being a kid who’s born in a place like Canada while growing up with culture and family that is Persian really gives you insight into both sides of the world. In my opinion there are Two very simple types of people in our world, The Good and the Bad. Which one you become is entirely up to you and influenced by the way you’re raised and your circumstances. Personally i’ve met more good people than ”bad” people and in most instances your decisons on how you act towards the person will influence how they will act towards you. in shorter terms ”treat someone the way you want to be treated”. this has always been my golden rule and i tend to not make any enemies or give anyone a reason to dislike me.

What are your inspirations & goals?: This particular question is pretty complex for me especially. From a young age growing up with a life influenced about 80% by sports made my goals as such. For awhile my true dream and aspiration was to make it to the Olympics and represent either Canada or Iran. However after actually setting myself on this path and getting far in it i realize that it is not what i wanted in life. My dreams & Goals are twofold. Either get into pro fighting and fight in the UFC. My other goal education wise is and always has been to become an astronomer and work for NASA. However i am a very realisctic person and know that these both will not be possible at the same time. For now i’ve managed to balance the two but eventually i will need to choose one to persue full time.

How would you impact the world?: With the career options ive choosen, theres not much to be done in the sense of being an ”impact”. But i think i can be of an ”impact” in another way. I can be very influencing and caring to people that i feel are close enough to me. i Hope that one day my ”talks” my ”advice” my overall presence will be enough to influence people ive been close with to get far in life and persue their dreams and lifegoals. And that maybe they can someday share this aspirations with other people in life.

Struggles In Life? : As a kid i grew up very prevliged. growing up in very average households attending good public schools and maintanining a very succsesful sports career at a young age. I’ve always been well off my whole life and had everything that i wanted (to an extent). The reason i find this as a struggle is because i have researched countless articles , documentaries , about famous icons in our world. ranging from a sports icon to a public speaker icon. and i always found a very common simmilarity in most cases. That case was that every single succsessful icon has started from 0. They’ve had the largest struggle in life and turned their life literally upside down, from living in the streets to making multi-million dollar deals. For the longest time i thought it was literally impossible to make it anywhere succsesful in life without a struggle as big as these ”icons”. i still cope with this somewhat in my life , sometimes even wishing i didnt have all that i did to experience a different outlook on life.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : Everyone has their insecurities. Its natural and you’re always gonna have at least one no matter what. Personally i do have a few things i would have preferred different but honestly thats life and if you really cant cope with it then theres probably ways to deal with it 🙂

What does love mean to you?: umm love is very complex in my opinon. im still only 19 so other than my parents i dont belive i have experinced it to its full potential. Theres a term in the german language ”mein fast Objekt der Leidenschaft” which means ”My almost object of passion”. this probably relates the most to me. in other words i guess ill answer this question in more depth when i reach that point?

Name : Brandon Varasteh

Instagram : barandoo


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